Dutch Employment law

Your workforce is your company’s most important capital.

Employees frequently form an organisation’s principal capital: its human key players. Even if you do have a superb team, sooner or later you will be confronted with employment law, perhaps in relation to drawing up working conditions or incorporating interim revisions, issues surrounding a sick employee, or when you are implementing restructuring or terminating employment.

Transparent and precise

Dutch employment law is complex and subject to constant changes. Matters relating to employment require a meticulous, adequate approach in which current knowledge of the law and an understanding of an actual situation are absolutely essential. We understand your situation and that of your employees and we will make the options transparent. We regards it as a challenge to always resolve issues as quickly and as amicably as possible by means of adequately targeted intervention. Such trajectories are always coordinated with you in advance, so you will never be confronted with unexpected situations, not in respect of content nor costs.

Furthermore, Dutch employment law is characterised by short deadlines and the wrong approach can result in drastic consequences. The relatively small size of our law firm means you can be certain of a personal approach, enormous commitment, efficiency and the customised approach of specialists, from a distance if this is what you prefer, but close at hand – and quickly – whenever needed.

Kouwenaar Advocatuur has years of extensive practice in Dutch employment law, guiding profit and non-profit organisations in the field of employment law and employee participation law. In addition to providing companies with legal advice, we are also there for private individuals, e.g., executives, managing directors and other professionals.

Short lines

We consciously avoided using a subscription system, but have opted for the ultimate in accessibility, e.g., we always answer any minor questions of our clients immediately and free of charge. Over the years, we have seen that many problems can be avoided by just checking briefly with Kouwenaar Advocatuur (staff scan).

We will gladly keep a watchful eye while you draft or amend an Dutch employment contract or formalise an important performance review.

We will gladly advise you in the field of Dutch employment law concerning:

  • drafting or amending individual employment agreements and employment regulations
  • problems relating to a sick employee, a dysfunctional employee, file structure
  • Employee incapacity risk issues (excess)
  • employment disputes and dismissal, including the Managing Director
  • drafting management and secondment agreements
  • drafting non-competition and non-solicitation clauses
  • guidance on reorganisations or takeovers
  • harmonisation of employment conditions
  • employee participation issues, negotiations with the Works Council and procedures

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